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Epsilon Eridani

With the success of the trade established with Tau Ceti, the team moves on to Epsilon Eridani.

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Anomaly on Cerka

This novel takes place between books 3 and 4 of Perseus Gate, season 2 and is a crossover with Andrew Dobell's Star Magi books.

What happens when an extra-universal traveller shows up looking for Tanis and finds Jessica instead? Hijinks, that's what. Hijinks.

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The Empress and the Ambassador

The proud empress whose empire is threatened. The spy operating in her court. Together they must forge an alliance and rekindle a love that deceit destroyed.

Yesterday, Empress Diana discovered that Scipio is not the most powerful Empire in human space. Vast alliances have been created in the far reaches of space, and they are embroiled in a deadly war. The victor will claim all of humanity as their prize.

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The Orion Front

With the civil war in the Transcend over, the focus moves to the Orion Front.

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Consort of the Scorpion Empress

Follow the continuing romance and adventures of Petra and Diana.

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A Trial and the Tribulations

Following in their footsteps from Virginis, the crew of Sabrina finds themselves in a bit of a pickle...

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By the Empress's Command

Diana has asked the impossible, but Petra has given her life to the empress, and must obey.

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Death Mark

With the unveiling underway, Nerishka is sent Azela where she must trace the source of a bizzare biomod trade.

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Venusian Uprising

Tanis, Joe, and the Intrepid have left Sol behind, but for trillions of humans, it is still home.

And it's still falling apart.

The Scattered Disk Alliance government has toed the line after their disastrous attempt to secede ten years ago. But that hasn’t stopped the rebels from spreading dissent throughout the Sol System.

And that dissent has found a home: Venus.

Now Williams and the 242nd Marines have been sent back to the planet to put down the rebellion and root out its leaders. Something easier said than done.