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The Series of Aeon 14

The Sol Space Federation has stood for over a thousand years, a beacon of peace and prosperity for all humanity.

But that time is coming to an end. The best and brightest humanity and AI have to offer are leaving on great colony ships and those who are left fight over ever-decreasing resources.

The first story in this series is entitled Leaving Sol and follows Commander Joseph Evans as he participates in a TSF blockade. You will also meet his sister, Katelyn, one of the key figures in the rebellion against the federal Sol government.

It is the dawn of the 42nd century and the greatest colony ship ever built is leaving the Sol System. It's destination is 82 Eridani, a system 42 light years from earth, recently terraformed and ready for colonization.

Getting there is no small feat, a 140 year journey across the deep black of space faces the colonists. That is if they can keep get their ship constructed in the face of terrorists, rival colony missions, and something far more insidious....

The arrival of the ISF Intrepid in the 89th century had destabilized the Inner Stars. Beyond the core worlds of humanity, the Transcend and Orion Guard prepare to fight for the incredible technology the Intrepid carries. Humanity has spread across ten-thousand stars, and every one of them is preparing for total war.

Meanwhile, Tanis and the Intrepid prepare to finally settle their colony world and protect it at any cost.

When Tanis traded the specs of her nano-tech with S&H Defensive Armaments in the Silstrand System, she had no idea the chain of events she would set in motion.

Neither did Kylie Roads, salvage ship captain and sometimes dealer in illegal salvage. What Tanis left behind will turn the Silstrand Alliance on its head, and draw attention from the nearby Spica Federation, and worse, the Transcend's black-ops division, the Hand.

The Plundered Chronicles is a Kindle World created by Alex Westmore that the Touching the Stars series takes place within. Though The Plundered Chronicles takes place in a historical fiction setting, it is a far-future science fiction setting with starships, star-spanning empires, and a wee bit of time travel.

Because copyright issues prevent me from overtly placing these stories in the Aeon 14 universe, you can imagine them as stories that Sera may have read in her downtime on Sabrina, and that, perhaps, she has leant to Tanis as well.